What is cannabidiol?

14 Jun , 2019

CBD is cannabidiol, which is one of the two main substances found in cannabis plants. The other, THC, is what gives marijuana its high, and is a psychoactive drug. CBD works on the body, and has no psychoactive effect. 

Today you’ll find CBD everywhere from smoke shops to specialized online retailers, and there is a growing lobby who want to see it available on prescription.

Not all CBD is created equal.

Plenty of unscrupulous companies are jumping on the bandwagon. As one of America’s biggest producers, John Merritt, explains:

“It’s common to find cheap CBD products, watered down with labels claiming it is high strength, however most cheap CBD Oil comes from untested products with little to no CBD content.”

The very best CBD is made in the US and is formulated by pharmacists from special plant strains with the right genetics and is gently extracted to preserve all the beneficial chemicals which are naturally present but stripped out by the harsher, industrial extraction used in cheaper products. Look out for full spectrum CBD, and buy from a company that has traceable, tested products.

CBD is available in a bewildering range of products, including creams, oils, tinctures, and edible treats like gummy sweets and honey sticks. 

CBD will continue to hit the headlines, as ever more effective products become available, and more clinical trials are done to prove its effectiveness.