01. The Brand

TRU Leaf Labs is a pharmacist-owned line of CBD and terpene products.

As health professionals, we recognize the need for pure CBD products of which the ingredients and concentrations can be guaranteed. This is why we compound our products on premises and verify our products with an independent, third party lab for potency and purity.

We are intently focused on the supreme quality of our products and your success in this CBD journey.

02. Our Story

Our story starts with Karen, an 82 year-old mother and longtime patient.

For 40 years, her son has suffered from a severe seizure disorder. A neurologist recommended Karen to explore CBD oil. Eager to help her son, she purchased CBD from dispensaries, natural food stores, and online but nothing seemed to work.

She then came to us for help.

As CBD was new to the medical community, our Clinical Pharmacists researched biomedical journals for 18 months. We found substantial scientific evidence of the benefits of CBD for countless conditions.

Karen now uses 2 drops of our CBD oil to instantly stop her son's seizures. Inspired by this life changing result, we were compelled to create CBD products of the highest standard.

03. Our Founder

Christine Chiu, PharmD

Christine has owned and operated Price Rite Pharmacy since 1991. She received her PharmD degree from the University of California, San Francisco and has over 28 years of experience in clinical pharmacy, patient visits, and personal care. In addition to her own practice, she has worked for the VA Medical Center and University of California, San Diego.